A Meeting Observed

Character Icon of Talthan, Old God minion.“An dat when de ghoul bring back de message, Malcotin be meetin’ ya in de Legerdomain, main bar, tomorrow evenin at six.” explained the Troll.

“You had to meet with a ghoul? Really?” Talthan sounded disgusted. “What kind of incompetent makes you meet with one of their servants instead of dealing directly?”

“Ah, but mon, what about you sending me ta de me-”

Talthan glared at the troll. “Be very careful, Zalaka.”

Zalaka somehow managed to pull of an uninterrupted U-turn “- ta deal wit him, and ya right, he be despicable. De mighty Talthan Dawnspell offer him de meet, an he send de ghoul, dat just ungrateful.”


Talthan pulled a new ledger from the shelves, and placed it alongside the one on his desk, appearing to cross-reference some entries before giving a satisfied nod. “He is, alas, all we have to work with right now, so he’ll just have to do. The question is, how to use him against Sunwalker… we’re still not sure, but we’ll come up with something… oh yes…”

“Ya could jus’ get him ta kill him for ya. Well, destroy him, him bein’ undead an’ all.”

“Probably… But then he doesn’t suffer. No, if we wanted Keelath Sunwalker dead, we would have killed him ourselves long ago.”

“Really? I thought last time ya got in a fight wit him, he left ya lyin on de floor?”

Talthan looked up from the desk sharply, throwing a bottle of ink and narrowly missing Zalaka. Instead, it shattered on the floor, splattering the troll’s legs and feet with droplets. He exploded.

“THAT WAS NOT US! That Talthan was weak, and we’re glad to be rid of him, the pathetic waste of flesh that he was. We are so much MORE now. So … very much more.”

He took a deep breath.

“Now get out of my sight!”

He returned to the ledgers, flipping over a couple of pages in each. His eyes appeared to settle on something, and he frowned. The frown soon turned into a wide grin. “Ah… yes… that will do nicely.”

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