A Meeting Observed

A pair of death knights discussing necromancy might raise a few brows, however, Malcotin realized the danger of discussing methods of obtaining ‘bodies’ for his work could cause all of them to be in danger of alerting more than a few questions.

“Indeed? Then you will not mind discussing some rather, unorthodox methods of bringing the dead back to the realm of the living?”Character Icon of Malcotin, worgen.

He glanced at the man sitting at the bar. An aura of Light seemed to cling to him, and it was uncomfortable for Malcotin to tolerate for very long. The Light had left him a long time ago.

Nodding to the barmaid who indicated a back room off to the side, he took his glass of brandy and rose to move to the alcove. “Yes that will do.”

Following Talthan, they move to the alcove and find a cozy meeting room with only a table and two chairs. The doorway was only covered by a curtain, and it seemed to Malcotin to be a bit less secure than what he felt was needed. At least the troll at the door would keep others out, and watch for those too nosy to stay out of ear shot.

Settling down to get to the business at hand, Malcotin gives Talthan a meaningful glance. “What I need is more bodies. Now I know you say no questioners are allowed to interfere…however…if you do find yourself disposing of someone who is a bit too nosy for your comfort, do think of me as a source for getting rid of your problems. I can arrange for those who are newly raised to have no memory of their previous lives.”

He paused to let that sink in. Malcotin continued to explain. “What I am doing is using various methods to bring a corpse back to life, but totally under my control. The problems I am facing with my research involve using live subjects as well. You see, I need live tissue to make the elixirs and potions I use for my methods.”

Character Icon of Talthan, Old God minion.Talthan smirked. “Using live subjects… something I had some experience with, in another life.”

He looked around the room again, it seemed fairly innocent. Of course, if anyone did happen to be behind that portrait on the wall, or hanging from the balcony outside, or otherwise trying to intercept them, they’d just hear meaningless babble anyway. A magister bonded with an n’raqi came with numerous side benefits, one could say it wasn’t so much a symbiotic relationship, but a synergistic one. They could tap into almost limitless amounts of void energy, and also had access to decades of research in how to use it.

“Tell me, do you need simply live tissue, or true, living, thinking subjects? I can ensure a good supply of either. Or both, if you wish. Fleshbeasts are a particularly good source of tissue, I can obtain them bred to enormous sizes – you can continue to simply take slices off them over an extended duration.”

“If you’re looking for something more traditional, of course, then I can guarantee access to an almost limitless source of – lets just call them missing persons. Ships sink. Military units get lost on deployment. Mages fall into accidental portals.”

Talthan steepled his fingers for a moment. His face was relatively young – perhaps a hundred years or two, but in that moment seemed quite older.

“Oh yes, I do believe we can help you with your … supply issues.”

The sweet scent of tobacco fills the small room, adding a touch of elegance to what would be considered a vile subject. Malcotin puffs on the pipe in contentment. His mind whirls with the possibilities.Character Icon of Malcotin, worgen.

After a few minutes of thought, he replies, “And what would you require in payment for such lovely offerings? I do have some preferences, as I like to compare the various races and their natural defences. For instance, I would like a Pandaren. I have not had an opportunity to study them much at all. Their corpses offer little clue to their obsession with something they call a ‘Sha’. It intrigues me that they seem to think such things exist inside their bodies, or minds…it’s hard to tell which.” he chuckles softly.

“Other races I have not had much experience with are the Vulpera and the Orcs. You see, as an Alliance, I do not get to mingle with either without being threatened. I have tried to study them from a distance, but if I try to converse with them, its like trying to talk to an insect! If I had one of each as a subject, I could continue my studies. My research is very important, and the future generations will benefit from my studies.”

Malcotin is well aware his studies will be lauded by some and hated by others. His efforts to gain the financial support of the Kingdom were met with disgust and threats to his well being, no matter how innocuous he made them seem.

Character Icon of Talthan, Old God minion.“Pandaren, Vulpera, Orcs… not a problem, any of them. And in whatever quantity you require, in whatever condition you prefer them, to be delivered to any destination you specify. We are nothing if not a full-service organization.”

Talthan grinned again, his lips parting to reveal perfect teeth.

“Speaking of insects, perhaps some mantid would be of use, too? Their unique hive mind mentality could be something worth studying, we’ve always thought.”

“But, as you’ve raised the issue of payment, perhaps we should cover that before we go any further. All we require from you in return in your assistance in dealing with someone that has proved to be a thorn in our side.”

Talthan paused for a moment, seemingly interested in something on the wall behind Malcotin.

“I have been stymied by the Sunwalker family for a while now. They’ve even managed to turn my own daughter against me. Can you imagine that? They’re poisonous, and I can no longer tolerate their interference in my activities. I wish to send a message. Specifically, I want one of them removed from play, permanently. Namely, one – ” he grimaced as he spoke the name – “Keelath Sunwalker.”

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