A Meeting Observed

Character Icon of Malcotin, worgen.At the mention of Sunwalker, Malcotin narrowed his glowing blue eyes. “That one…seems to be rather odd. I mention it because I tried to help this Keelath person. Offered to quell his persistent hunger. He seems to want a more natural relationship with his wife. I cannot imagine such a relationship would be even viable.” He snorts in disgust. “Why would any death knight want a normal relationship?”

He chuckles then as he leans forward to remark, “I find some of them are very vulnerable to that effect. They want to return to normal life. But of course they cannot. It makes it that much easier to fool them into giving up their hard earned gold.”

Malcotin puffs on his pipe for a few minutes in contemplation. “I do not think they left with any good feelings. The fight was obviously rigged to give a better show. They probably assume I set them up. I am not sure how I can help you. Though they seemed particularly interested in my equipment.” he paused then to give it some thought. “I would need to convince them that I can adjust the rod to do the job without affecting his healing abilities. That is something all death knights have in common. I would like to do more studies on this. The mage that died at Keelath’s hand and the Ogron are both under my control now.”

The chatter downstairs from the lounge seemed to have disapated entirely and Malcotin wondered if the tavern was now empty. He turned to Talthan and gave him a slight grin, “I will help you as much as I can. Allow me to send some letters, and to receive some responses before contacting you again. If I can entreat Sunwalker to give me another chance at reducing his blood lust without affecting his healing, I may be able to do both of us some good.” The smile on his face was made even more wicked by the long canine teeth protruding from his jaws.

Talthan nods in agreement to the man opposite. “You will begin receiving shipments in a couple of days, simply let my Troll outside know the location you wish to take delivery. I am trusting you to hold up your side of the bargain in return.”Character Icon of Talthan, Old God minion.

“As for Sunwalker, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what motivates him. Trust me, if I could I’d be making him offers. He’s an enigma to me, though, and that in itself makes me very uncomfortable. I enjoy being in control of my environment, and that means knowing it in detail.”

“It does sound as if you have a viable plan, which pleases me greatly. Should you be successful, I am willing to continue to provide the materials you need for as long as you wish.”

Character Icon of Malcotin, worgen.It pleased Malcotin greatly that his supply of fresh minions would not be interrupted. He himself often collected individuals that interested him. “I appreciate your help, Talthan. I have a couple of labs that I use. I do not like to use one exclusively, as it tends to attract attention. As far as Sunwalker is concerned. I shall do what I can, though I make no guarantees. He seems to be a resourceful and skilled opponent.”

The time was drawing near for one of his collections. “You must excuse me. I have an appointment to pick up a rather useful specimen. A convicted killer is scheduled to be executed, and I have made arrangements to pick him up for ‘disposal’.” he grinned. “They have no clue what I am going to do with him. Let’s just say, I look forward to putting my experiments to good use. The results should be…interesting.”

Malcotin rose and took a bow. “I will instruct your minion where to deliver the goods. Take care, Talthan, if Sunwalker finds out what we are planning, we could have a lot of trouble containing him. Good luck.”

The troll was just outside the door and Malcotin stopped to address him. “When you have what I need, deliver to this address. I will have an associate waiting to take delivery.” He then gave him a small map with a location marked. It was in Icecrown near the Argent Tourney grounds. An old cultist camp that was now taken over by Malcotin’s minions.

Talthan grinned as Malcotin left. “It has been good doing business with you. Let us hope it continues this well. It is difficult, finding reliable contacts in these times.”Character Icon of Talthan, Old God minion.

He grinned even wider inwardly. With the resources at his disposal, this would not be an expensive deal on his side, even if he needed to make monthly deliveries of subjects for the rest of time. He figured at least half could be filled simply from people he needed to dispose of anyway, and the rest would make some good hunting for the more violently-disposed of his minions. Which, admittedly, was most of them.

Zalaka joined him inside shortly after Malcotin had left. “I got de location for de deliveries. I assume de usual arrangement?”

“No, Zalaka. I think this Malcotin could be useful over the longer term. We’ll actually give him what was agreed.”

The troll looked somewhat surprised, but nodded. “I’ll be see’in to it, boss.”

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