A Meeting Observed

“He be here, mista Dawnspell”

Talthan Dawnspell nodded to Zalaka. As much as he would have loved to reduce him to a pool of sludge after his earlier comments, good lieutenants were hard to find. Well, even mediocre ones were, hence why he needed to keep Zalaka around, at least for now.
Character Icon of Talthan, Old God minion.

Rising from the chair in his rented room at the Legerdemain, he made his way towards the staircase, motioning for Zalaka to follow. His thoughts about how to use this Malcotin against Sunwalker were clearer now, but it would all depend on how easily he could persuade him. Which depended on being able to give Malcotin what he wanted, and that was the main gap in the intelligence he’d managed to gather on him.

As the two of them reached the bottom of the stairs, Zalaka made his way over to the table, Talthan following a few paces behind. The troll stood at the table, nodding to Malcotin, and announcing his master.

“Mista Talthan Dawnspell.”

He pulled out a chair as Talthan reached the table, the latter nodding to Malcotin himself before being seated.

Talthan addressed Malcotin across the table, not offering a handshake, while Zalaka went to order a drink for his master. “I am Talthan Dawnspell, and I believe we may be in a position to help one another…”

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