Keeps-Low Keeps Low

At this age, the monsters were cute, Keeps-Low had to admit. It stared up at him with large sparkling eyes, tiny monkey claws twisting about the Argonian’s chains as if they always had to be gripping something. He held out a claw to it, and it stared at him trustingly, even reaching out to tug on the tip of his claw with a mischievous glance.

And then the monster’s sire swooped down and interposed itself between Keeps-Low and its offspring. The Dunmer leveled a withering glare at him. “Hands off, skeever, or I’ll buy you for guar food.” Continue reading “Keeps-Low Keeps Low”

Thyadras Plans a Raid

The pirate laid the map out on the table, smirk flashing at least two gold teeth across at his dealer. “Got it just as you like it, oh Thyadras, oh pal. Look here!” He tapped the map. “This page details the old man’s security system, and this one…” He turned the page over, beady black eyes almost disappearing into his voluminous cheeks as he grinned. “This one details the floorplan of Hasami’s coffers.”

Thyadras waved the pirate away, like he could wave the man’s stench away with the same gesture. He leaned over the map, weight on his palms and head bent to hide the turmoil on his face.

“I went through a lot of trouble to get that, Sea Kayote.” The pirate rubbed his fingers together as close as he dared to Thyadras’ red mohawk. “I’m expecting a large haul from the goods you manage to pull out of there.”

“You can have all of it,” Thyadras growled, and the pirate backed away hurriedly. Continue reading “Thyadras Plans a Raid”