Drai Dreams

Unfortunately we are reaching the part in this story where much of the plot was carried out through ingame events I didn’t save any writing from. In summary, Zeketah was given a vision of the Ebony Blade, an artifact of Mephala, and demanded Drai scry out its location for her. Frightened of how she might use the Blade, Drai reached out to his allies to set up an ambush for her. In the original plot, these were people from Goldleaf Acquisitions, not Shizzal’s Whirling School, but for the sake of condensing this plotline, I’ve re-geared the allies to come from the latter organization instead.

The relationship between Taargus and Nanna was another side-plot. Despite the Mephalan cult’s reputation for being cold-blooded killers, these two characters fell into true love. Though Taargus bullied Drai frequently, Nanna was closer to him, and out of all the cultists, these two were the only ones Drai wanted to spare from Zeketah’s machinations, so he feels some guilt for their getting caught in the ambush meant for Zeketah.

I forget who Nerien’eth was; I want to say it had something to do with Taargus’ backstory: either a past friend he had accidentally killed, or Taargus’ real name when he had been living with House Dunmer. I could be totally wrong, of course.

Author’s Note

Drai dreamed… Continue reading “Drai Dreams”

Drai Hesitates

The Dunmer down below didn’t look like a Temple heretic. If anything, he looked more like a simple traveler. His guar was picketed a few yards from his campfire, and the Dunmer himself sat humming as he stirred a stew pot. The scene seemed relaxed, bucolic.

But Drai knew the cut of the man’s robes anywhere. The House Dunmer were smart enough not to wear robes in the Temple’s telltale red and gold while in Ashlander territory, but they still didn’t comprehend that the Ashlanders weren’t fooled by such a simple disguise. The signs were there for those who knew where to look. Continue reading “Drai Hesitates”

Drai Has a Vision

The words of prophecy Drai hears are shamelessly stolen from the Nerevarine and Bloodmoon prophecies in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Author’s Note

Drai dreamed that night. On waking, he couldn’t remember much beyond visions of fire and blood, and a lone red jackal nipping at his heels. Continue reading “Drai Has a Vision”