Drai Dreams

Unfortunately we are reaching the part in this story where much of the plot was carried out through ingame events I didn’t save any writing from. In summary, Zeketah was given a vision of the Ebony Blade, an artifact of Mephala, and demanded Drai scry out its location for her. Frightened of how she might use the Blade, Drai reached out to his allies to set up an ambush for her. In the original plot, these were people from Goldleaf Acquisitions, not Shizzal’s Whirling School, but for the sake of condensing this plotline, I’ve re-geared the allies to come from the latter organization instead.

The relationship between Taargus and Nanna was another side-plot. Despite the Mephalan cult’s reputation for being cold-blooded killers, these two characters fell into true love. Though Taargus bullied Drai frequently, Nanna was closer to him, and out of all the cultists, these two were the only ones Drai wanted to spare from Zeketah’s machinations, so he feels some guilt for their getting caught in the ambush meant for Zeketah.

I forget who Nerien’eth was; I want to say it had something to do with Taargus’ backstory: either a past friend he had accidentally killed, or Taargus’ real name when he had been living with House Dunmer. I could be totally wrong, of course.

Author’s Note

Drai dreamed… Continue reading “Drai Dreams”

Drai Enacts a Plan

Getting the ashes for his ritual had been the easy part. Steeling himself to give in to the Sight’s premonitions proved much more difficult. And always, the cult was watching him, asking why he delayed with their plans.

Drai sat cross-legged, in a little clearing between two spurs of the ashy mountains dividing Deshaan and the Stonefalls. Even up here, Drai was aware of the cult’s lurking eyes. What acrobatics the trailing cultist had to make to follow him up here while also keeping out of sight, Drai couldn’t imagine. But he chewed more over the fact there was a follower at all, rather than how they managed it. The hate and distrust growing in Tengri, in the Ashlanders’ faces when they looked upon him, were jarring to him. Stabs of fear shot through him several times a day, and for once he did not dream, being unable to reach the deep sleep it required.

He wondered how he could get out of this one; how he could make it up to Zeketah and the rest of the cult. It occurred to him they would hate and distrust him no matter what he did. Continue reading “Drai Enacts a Plan”

Drai Sees Another Ghost

Drai came awake to the pain in his shoulders. His arms were still chained to the stone wall behind him, cuffs digging into his wrists as he leaned on them, knees hanging a few inches from the floor. He stared at the tiles as he awkwardly clambered back to his feet, wondering how he had managed to sleep in the uncomfortable position.

Wondering, but grateful. He had had no dreams that night. Continue reading “Drai Sees Another Ghost”

Zeketah Expresses Displeasure

The sun faded, shining golden through the lake’s reeds. Cicadas grew louder in the tall grasses, only quieted now and then by a brisk warm breeze whipping through the fronds, billowing in yurt flaps that were not tied down.

Drai sat cleaning the pelt of a fresh kill under the eaves of his tent, meticulously scraping off fur with his hunting knife. The pelt was–or had been–a deer, come down from the Velothi Mountains perhaps, or maybe escaped from the Mournhold market. He had heard stories about that. Some Nord or enterprising Imperial would try to sell the creatures as pets. They would invariably escape, or die from the bad air blowing off of Morrowind’s volcanoes. Outlanders didn’t last long in the Vale, furred or otherwise. Continue reading “Zeketah Expresses Displeasure”