Rose for a Thorn

Keelath’s homecoming was celebrated with jubilation, though also with consternation on what they were to do with the courser. In the end, he let Rosen go into the woods behind the Dawnmist grounds, expecting it to get along as one of the wild herd. Their shrill whinnies and guttural snorts carried to the house that evening, which Tyrric jovially compared to the new tough guy on the street settling scores at the local tavern.

“You’ve never lived on a street with tough guys on it, so how would you know?” said Keelath irritably. He was feeling ill, recalling his captain’s remarks about studding, and he wondered what he’d do with a bunch of new foals on the property. Tyrric murmured something from his bunk, but Keelath said nothing, turning over and trying to find sleep.

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