Da Doctas Tour

Da Doctas Tour was an event for the Summer Festival of 2020, put on by < Da Doctas > guild with some help from the < Shadow Kingdom > guild. Though normally most of our Summer Festival exploits have been logged in our main thread on the official forums, this one had so many screenshots that I thought it easier on the eye and the copy-pasting to compile them here on my website instead.

As always for this website, you can click on the individual images for bigger pictures. There are several page breaks, which you can navigate through by the numbers at the bottom of the post.

The Plaguelands

Da Doctas Tour for the 2020 Summer Festival gathers at Zul'Aman.

Though the Tour officially started at the gates of Silvermoon, the Horde attendees met up with the Alliance attendees at the entrance to Zul’Aman, seen here.

Da Doctas Tour stops at the Thalassian Pass to look out at Deatholme

After a detour through Windrunner Village and the tragedy that village stood for, the Tour overlooked Deatholme in the Ghostlands, where Dar’Khan Drathir famously betrayed Quel’Thalas by letting the Scourge through the Thalassian Pass.

Da Doctas Tour pauses at a Scourge gate to speak of Stratholme

Though we didn’t go all the way to Stratholme, we did stop at this Scourge gate to speak of the horrors that befell that city.

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