Da Doctas Tour

Searing Gorge and Blackrock Spire

Da Doctas Tour enters Searing Gorge.

This was our first look into the Searing Gorge. Unfortunately our photographer had heat stroke and could only be revived later on in the tour. (I disconnected.)

Da Doctas Tour view the inside of Blackrock Spire.

One might say we were “dwarfed” by the insides of Blackrock Spire.

Da Doctas Tour convenes inside Blackrock Spire. A black dragon flies in the distance.

Even the black dragon circling the center isle seemed small!

Another view of the insides of Blackrock Spire during Da Doctas Tour. A statue of a dwarf holding a giant chain can be seen to the left.

One of my companions commiserated with me on the dismal heat of the area.

Da Doctas Tour leaves Blackrock Spire

Time waits for no one, and after a water break, we moved quickly on.

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