Da Doctas Tour

The Giant Sinkhole

Da Doctas Tour approaches the giant sinkhole in Stranglethorn

We heard the rushing of the sinkhole that divides Northern Stranglethorn from the Cape of Stranglethorn before we saw it.

looking down the giant sinkhole of Stranglethorn

The great sinkhole was at our feet!

Da Doctas Tours overlooks the giant sinkhole of Stranglethorn

I didn’t hear a splash, but I did here someone commenting on someone else falling off the side of this. Oops!

Da Doctas Tour looks down the giant sinkhole of Stranglethorn. One of them flies far below

They didn’t fall, but instead flew! And so were unharmed. You can just barely see them as a blue-on-blue dot in this image. It sure helps gives you some perspective on just how massive this thing is!

Da Doctas Tour runs along a narrow cliff path towards the Cape of Stranglethorn

After marveling at the sinkhole, we continued along a precarious cliff-side path and down into the Cape of Stranglethorn.

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