Da Doctas Tour

Swamp of Sorrows

Da Doctas Tour approaches Bogpaddle in the Swamps of Sorrow

We didn’t stay long in Bogpaddle. Kohnar wasn’t able to procure a discount for the steep goblin hotel prices.

Da Doctas Tour crosses an old orc bridge in the Swamps of Sorrow

Much of the Swamp of Sorrows was swampy and filled me with sorrow. Who would have thunk it.

The red of the Blasted Lands can just be seen over the hills on the edges of the Swamp of Sorrows

Though we avoided the Blasted Lands, you could just see the red of its rock from the other side of the hills bordering the Swamp of Sorrows to the southwest. I’m told the Blasted Lands used to be a swamp called the Black Morass, but the opening of the Dark Portal spread the cursed land of Hellfire Peninsula into our world.

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