Da Doctas Tour

Lands of the Forsaken

Da Doctas Tour pauses outside Tarren's Mill to wait for stragglers.

After passing through the Alterac Mountains, we stopped outside of Tarren Mill to wait for some stragglers to catch up.

Someone accidentally killed all a herd of horses as they ran past Da Doctas Tour.

Someone wasn’t watching where they were aiming their spells, and took out a whole herd of wild horses!

Da Doctas Tour stands outside the magical bubble of Dalaran.

We stopped outside the crater where Dalaran used to rest. The mages there complained of the arcane energy growing too strong and unstable.

Da Doctas Tour run through Silverpine Forest to meet Ahdes at an old Horde shipwreck.

Crossing Lordamere Lake, we met up with a Forsaken on the shores of Silverpine Forest, who told us a little about the conflicts there.

Da Doctas Tour looks out at the Greymane Wall of Gilneas.

We stopped to survey the broken Greymane Wall and the location where Sylvanas almost died. If only she had stayed dead!

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