Da Doctas Tour

Redridge Mountains

Da Doctas Tour skirts the Redridge Mountains through a secret pass. Night has fallen.

As Commander Orwyn of < Stormwind Union > is still a bit touchy about Horde crossing through the human kingdoms, we took a pass through the mountains that skirts Redridge. Night fell completely as we emerged from the Burning Steppes.

A human mage tower can just be seen in the valley to the right of the secret pass through the Redridge Mountains

The view went for miles, but it was difficult to fully appreciate in the gloom. You can just make out the roof of a human mage tower in the right of this picture.

Da Doctas Tour overlook the docks of Bogpaddle in the Swamps of Sorrow

Soon we were overlooking the goblin port torn of Bogpaddle in the Swamp of Sorrows.

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