Da Doctas Tour


Da Doctas Tour continue into Duskwood. A hanging lantern chases away the gloom

Duskwood is well-named. The paths through it are occasionally lit by these really helpful lanterns.

Da Doctas Tour sneaks past the town of Darkshire in Duskwood

We had to sneak past Darkshire so we wouldn’t upset the < Stormwind Union > and their allies in the Night Watch. Quiet, everyone!

Photobomb from a Lucid Nightmare as Da Doctas Tour continues through Duskwood

I take a moment here to point out that it can be really hard getting flattering shots of the Tour attendees as they run past. Here’s the majestic butt of Zarie’s Nightmare.

Da Doctas Tour runs past a barn while traversing Duskwood

Despite the twin curses of Karazhan and of the worgen that lay on this land, some humans still try to farm it!

Da Doctas Tour continues into the gloom of Duskwood

We successfully passed the fields outside of Darkshire without incident with the town guard and continued on into the Duskwood night.

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