Da Doctas Tour

Da Doctas Tour runs through the Burning Steppes

We emerged in the Burning Steppes. Here, the remnants of the Black Horde still linger.

Da Doctas Tour pose at the base of the statue of King Anduin Lothar in the Burning Steppes.

Everybody posed for a photo at the base of the old statue of King Anduin Lothar. Well, almost everyone.

Da Doctas Tour continues through the Burning Steppes. Dark Iron dwarf towers are on the left and an orc tower is on the right.

The Dark Iron dwarves are slowly reclaiming their land in the Burning Steppes. You can see their towers to the left. The tower on the right belongs to the Black Horde. Imagine the cannon battles back and forth!

Da Doctas Tour continues through the barren eastern edge of the Burning Steppes

Our leader knew of a path that skirted the Redridge Mountains: much safer for the Horde attendees! We crossed the barren eastern side of the Burning Steppes to get there.

A last look at the Burning Steppes

I lagged behind to take one last picture of the Burning Steppes. That’s Blackrock Spire in the distance on the right.

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