Da Doctas Tour

Loch Modan

Da Doctas Tour pauses on the shore of the drained Loch Modan. Twilight Citadel can be seen in the distance.

Loch Modan is now poorly named; the Loch is barely anything more than a pond now! The Twilight Citadel can just be seen in the distance.

Loch Modan sunset, sky, and a dwarf bunker.

The sun started to set while we were in Loch Modan.

Da Doctas approach two great dwarf statues in Loch Modan

Here we are approaching the back side of the statues of two great dwarven kings. I admit I wasn’t paying attention when our tour guide named them.

Two great dwarf statues in Loch Modan, seen from the front.

Here the statues are again from the front.

Da Doctas Tour continues through the tunnel to Searing Gorge from Loch Modan.

From there, we took to the tunnels that led into the Searing Gorge. Was that guard sure surprised to see us stampede past!

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