Trials, Chapter One

Since I discovered the page break function, I’m now able to condense all these comic pages down to one post! And yikes. Old art is always a little embarrassing, even if it’s only from a couple years ago and not ten…

You can now use the buttons at the bottom of the page to navigate (instead of the sidebar as stated in the image captions). Everything else I have preserved as it was in the original posts.

Author’s Note
A wuyon'mar elf rides a charger (unicorn) while someone offscreen yells at him.
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Playing the Auction House: March Data

As part of learning about the economy for my own business ventures, I decided to make a study of what World of Warcraft players call “playing the Auction House”, in which they try to make profits solely by reselling goods bought from other players instead of going out and obtaining these goods directly from the game world. In February, I ran two characters on two different servers to dip my toes into the world of buying and re-selling. My preliminary findings left me with many more questions about the Auction House economy, and so the study continued!

In the month of March, my study followed six characters, each with a different marketing scheme for selling their goods. These characters remained on the combined server of Cenarion Circle and Sisters of Elune, a relatively small North American RP server, as well as one of the oldest. I will summarize some of my findings below. Continue reading “Playing the Auction House: March Data”