Raid Leader Appreciation Day

The raid compliments their raid leader but then complains about his raid leading, including demanding pizza night.
It’s not easy being raid leader.

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This comic is dedicated to our fearless raid leader, Ian the Mag’har monk. It is almost verbatim from a conversation Ian was having with Ozzel the other day. Almost. I admit I took some artistic license about pizza night, but most of these complaints have made their way to Ian’s ears at least once in the past.

I won’t be the first to admit that raid leading isn’t an easy job. Not only do you have to know your class mechanics and how to apply them to boss fights, you also have to take your raid’s personal composition into account and tweak popular boss strategies so they works for your own raid team. You also have to keep an eye on raid members who are struggling, and be ready to give them constructive criticism or bench them if they just can’t perform–a task that is pleasant for neither side. You also have to be ready to yell at raid members who are horsing around and then put up with one raid member’s unfortunate habit of putting you into her not-quite-complimentary comics. We love you all the more for doing all this, Ian, I promise.

As an additional tidbit: the speech bubbles here are vaguely colored to represent the class of a raid member. From this you can just barely get an idea of who might have said these things before. Though Ravinia is a priest, her alt is a monk, and so she got monk colors. Though Ian is also a monk, we couldn’t have two monk bubbles, and so he gets a red-brown representing warriors and death knights, of which he also brings to our casual raids.

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