Open Mic Problems

Trolls listen to strange sounds coming from their raid members' open microphones and speculate what's going on.
Darkspear trolls are really a lesson of “throw all the colors at the canvas and see what sticks.” That’s why I love drawing them so much.

Click for a larger image. Got you on that last comic.

This comic grew out of Ravinia posting a long string of letters in our text-only Discord chat (a portion of which made it into the comic) that mystified the rest of the raid for the rest of the day. It took a bit for me to figure out how to incorporate this into an actual comic. Runner-up ideas included a Shadow priest (which Ravinia is) in Void Form (during which the game forces them to speak in a gabble-dy gook language), as well as a play on some of the hidden quests and their difficult puzzles that World of Warcraft has started adding to the game world since the Cataclysm expansion.

Then I struck upon this idea. Though Bruce the cat is only rarely audible through an open microphone, Ravinia’s trilling replies to him are. I can almost tell which cat she’s talking to, as she has a special accent for each one. The comment about taking a bath while Ozzel was pouring his drink is also a true one: I believe made by Crom at some point in the process of roasting Ozzel for his drunken DPS.

This comic features a new member of the raid: Shiften, the Zandalari druid! The new Zandalari moonkin form is a fun one to draw and pick colors for.

And no…I still don’t know what Ravinia meant, though there was an F-Bomb to be had towards the end of it, so I hope she was okay!

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