Left is Right, Right is Wrong

Yotingo, the druid bear tank, confuses left with right despite Allardel's advice while picking which enemies to kill first.
True story: I can never tell left from my right. Maybe it is my lack of thumbs.

Click for a larger image.

This comic features Allardel the Pallardel (TM) as well as my druid in his bear form. Though Allardel has never had to say this to me (or at least, not yet), I am well known for not being able to tell my left from my right. Perhaps it is my lack of thumbs?

I’m not perfectly happy with how the bear turned out I will say; it seems giving bears long pointed ears that the druid bears have ingame makes them difficult to recognize as being ursine. Sortiara and Ozzel (and thus Lucy) are also in this comic, for together we make up the Mythic C Minus team for running dungeons. Woe on Allardel and Ravinia when they come along to heal us.

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