The Story of Seryth, Chapters 1 – 5

Chapter 1: Seryth's foster father, a quel'dorei Farstrider displaced from Lordaeron during the Second War, kept a small farm on the outskirts of Sentinel's Hill. Each season, or more often if the hunting was good, he'd send Seryth to the Stormwind markets with harvests, hides, or meat to sell. It was during one of these trips Seryth encountered gnoll bandits along the road. The gnolls wrecked his wagon and destroyed the goods. Furious, Seryth pursued them into the woods, and here his powers first began to manifest.

Seryth found the gnolls dragging what was left of his supplies to their leader, Hogger, as a tribute. As Seryth planned how to steal his things back, a unit of Watch guards broke from the bushes, slaying the gnolls and laying irons on Hogger. Seryth’s crops were trampled under the hooves of their horses.

Stil angered by the interruption to his trip, Seryth demanded the guards repay him for the damages. The guards laughed, telling him they’d give him some coin–if he helped thin the numbers of the gnolls in the bargain. Seryth reluctantly agreed, and returned to the Westbrook Garrison for his reward.

The payment tendered by the guards was hardly enough to cover what Seryth had lost in the gnolls’ raid. Knowing his father would kill him (figuratively) if he returned empty-handed, Seryth pressed on to Stormwind, thinking perhaps he could find some other odd jobs to make up the difference before he returned home…

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