The Story of Seryth

This is an experiment into a new form of roleplay in World of Warcraft, where I play through the game and write my character’s story as I go, inspired by the quests and sights I see as I go along.

Though perhaps I shouldn’t call it “new”…? As this is what I feel open-world roleplaying games should be and what most of them were in the past. Unfortunately, since about the Cataclysm expansion, World of Warcraft’s storytelling hasn’t involved a lot of player choice, instead running your character down certain railroaded storylines where your character’s, well, character has little influence on the direction of the story. (Though, to be fair, World of Warcraft has never really involved a lot of player choice, except the kind where you simply chose not to do certain quests!) As Seryth is a character I’ve been wanting to develop a story for for several years, I decided to try this experiment with him to give me some ideas.

Prologue: Born and raised in Westfall, there was nothing more interesting about Seryth than the face he was a half-elf and possessed a rotten temper...
Click the chapter heading images (like this one) for a bigger image for easier reading. If you have trouble loading any of these images, the alt text contains a transcription of the passage.

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