Raptor Bait

A night elf says she doesn't see any raptors while one is about to gulp her down from behind.
It’s true. She didn’t.

This comic was originally to depict a player from my Alliance-side guild instead of <Gentleman Assassins>, however, as you are turned into an Alliance character for the duration of this fight (known as Conclave of the Chosen, 5th boss encounter for the raid Battle of Dazar’alor) and as my <Gentleman Assassins> raid members have had just as much trouble with this mechanic, it could equally apply to them, too!

There is an additional funny story behind this comic. Lily (shortened from her actual screen name, which I won’t give away here) blames her trouble escaping Gonk’s hungry raptors on her raid frames, which fill up her screen while she is playing a healer character. She has a young son with a developmental disorder who sometimes likes to watch her play. From what I have heard over Discord, he believes the entirety of the game revolves around filling up these little green bars, and so calls World of Wacraft the “little green bars” game.

How cute! He may well be another raid healer in the making.

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