You Have Mail!

A courier troll stands up front of piles of junk. A blood elf shout out angrily for Ozzel, the sender of the junk.
Insert witty caption here.

Ozzel plays the Auction House, meaning he sells massive amounts of ingame items to other World of Warcraft players every week. (I’m told he once made over 100,000 gold profit in a day.) Those items that don’t sell then have a habit of finding their way into the mailboxes of his guildies, most particularly Ravinia. I’m not sure if this is a form of charity, or helpfulness that has since morphed into a kind of sadistic glee at spamming his guildies’ mail… He once put 20 Garn Nighthowls into the guild bank when no one would take them, which is the inspiration for all the wolves in this comic. (Bruce is not pleased with his competition for guild mascot, by the way.)

The courier troll pictured here is Vutago, who is member of the AAMS and also has an alt in our guild.

Coloring this comic proved difficult. Because so much of the picture was filled up with brown boxes, the characters had a way of disappearing into them. I broke convention in that I added watercolor shading to the crates to help the characters and other items on the page pop out more. Vutago and Ravinia also received brighter skin tones than what I normally use for trolls and blood elves, to further help them stand out. I think my level of pickiness has grown in proportion to my skill level…

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