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A mag'har orc monk yells at a blood elf hunter for fishing while they are supposed to be fighting a raid battle. The hunter's pet snow leopard is fast asleep.
Based on a true story.

This is based on a true story, as all of the Gentleman Assassin comics are (and will be). When I drew this, I had recently received a drawing tablet for my 30th birthday, and I wanted an excuse to use it. Ian had just gotten done lecturing Ozzel about not fishing while we were trying to kill bosses, and the above image popped into my head.

Though these are also available on DeviantArt, I save some of the backstory and thought processes that go into these comics for here on my personal (and thus official?) website. So follows on DeviantArt are great–frequently checking back here is even greater!

I am tickled pink to say this series pretty quickly became a hit among my raid team, and several face-shots of characters from the comic have since made their way into my raid’s Discord avatars. What a wonderful compliment this is! As the series grows, it continues to make both my day and that of a raid member to as I draw their character doing, well, the silly things the player also has habit of doing in the game world. As the raid team grows and changes, I am always looking for an excuse to add new characters to the series, as well as bring back some of our best known ones. Unfortunately, not everyone (like Crom) is frequently pulling [censored], and so instead I feature these where I can in the background.

If you are not making into a comic, that probably means you are doing well! …though there are exceptions, like in the case of Jacob and his method of boosting DPS and healing parses…

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