Going Down

The raid stands on a hidden trapdoor after killing Zul. Jacob presses a big red button, which opens the trapdoor. The raid all falls on top of the next boss, thoug Sortiara is left behind.
For once, standing far away from the rest of the raid serves Sortiara well.

After the “A Fond Farewell” undertaking, we now return to your regularly scheduled comics! Click on the image for an even larger image.

After doing Crucible of the Storms, our raid has gone back to Uldir to start earning the achievements for it. Though this particular happening actually went down (hehe) on our first time progressing through this raid (hence Ian’s presence and his comment about finally getting Zul down), I put it up now in honor of our one-shotting the achievements up until we reached this boss.

The raid members pictured here are Ozzel, Lucy, Ian, Jacob, Casals, Allardel, Sortiara, Ravinia, and Yotingo in bear form. (I am not tagging for all of them, because that is a lot to tag and because only Jacob played any major role here!) The dead boss in the first panel is Zul, the sixth boss of the Uldir raid of the Battle for Azeroth expansion of World of Warcraft. After killing Zul, you indeed have to press a button and fall through the floor to take on Mythrax, the next-to-last boss. This took us by surprise at first…as you can see.

For the record, I’m not sure who it was that actually pressed the button in the real event. It might’ve been Allardel (who was then playing on a different character, which I only recalled after drawing him in this comic), or it might have been Krampus or perhaps Jacob.

Now, be honest with me here, guys. Who pulled this exact same stunt the first time your raid downed Zul?

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