Proper Brazier Technique

Keelath and Ozzel use the brazier to fly over the ravine. Tyrdan's dragon jumps into the ravine instead.
You’d think the dragon would just spread her wings, but no…

As usual, you can click the comic for a larger image.

When you’ve cleared both sides of the outdoor area of the Shrine of the Storm dungeon in World of Warcraft, a brazier on the near side becomes click-able. You can then use this brazier as a shortcut to fly over the ravine and land safely on the other side.

Tyrdan hadn’t been watching us very carefully as we used the brazier one-by-one and flew over the gap, and he instead jumped off the ledge, figuring that’s what activated the spell. He soon found out otherwise…and because this is an indoor zone, his flying mount refused to fly.

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