Drawer’s Block

The troll, Yotingo, reads over his ideas for new comics and is unimpressed by the result.
Me too.

(Click on the comic for a bigger image.)

This comes as a fitting end to the Gentlemen Assassins series. No, I’m not stopping drawing comics, and as Yotingo up there proves, I still have many ideas that I have yet to put to pen! Instead, as mentioned in this post, this is only the end of the 2019 web comic cycle and the beginning of the 2020 cycle. To celebrate nearly a full year of making comics (the mark is actually closer to 9 months, but that’s semantics), I am retiring the Gentlemen Assassins name (for now; I still adore it and may bring it back at another time) and am creating a new series that carries the name of my current raid guild, as seems fitting for a series based off of World of Warcraft raiding!

As far as this particular comic goes… Drawer’s block is almost as bad as writer’s block. To forestall this, I tend to take notes during raids whenever I notice anyone saying or doing something silly. However, this note-jotting often takes place between pulls or while fighting trash, so I have to write quickly, with the result that some of my brainstorms are unintelligible to me weeks later when I finally get around to turning them into comics.

The text in the second panel is all verbatim from the brainstorming sheet that I keep at my gaming computer desk. I have a vague idea for some of these on what was originally intended, but for others…? Sometimes re-creating a note into a joke entirely different from the original is half the fun, I suppose.

Also, yes, cats ARE always funny. You may fight me on this.

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