Run, Lucy, Run!

A hunter's raptor pet keeps running past the Alliance knights she was supposed to attack, despite her owner calling her back.
The wonderful world of hunter pet AI strikes again.

I was tanking a +9 Mythic dungeon when I heard Sortiara say, “What is your pet doing, Ozzel?” over Discord voice chat. (I “think” it was Sortiara. It might have been Ian. Then again, this might have happened twice, and it was both Sortiara AND Ian…) Whoever it was, shortly after Ozzel starting yelling at his hunter UI as his pet devilsaur disappeared into the distance…and all the enemies she had passed came running back to smack Ozzel around.

We managed to survive that fight, and several like it, and so in all honesty it may not be Lucy’s fault we had so much trouble in dungeons last night. I can’t count how many times in the 15 years World of Warcraft has been around that hunter pets have gone after the wrong targets though, and so Ozzel (and his pet) gets to be the fall-guy yet again.

…he’s pretty good at that.

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