Ozzel the Troll

A white tauren tells his raid member he couldn't tell the difference between his troll transmogrification and his usual elf appearance.

There was a new toy added in the Battle for Azeroth expansion of World of Warcraft (WoW) that turns your character into a random boss from the game. Ozzel is once again at the center of shenanigans when he got turned into Moorabi, and Crom made this remark about it over voice chat.

As all of my Gentleman Assassins comics, this is based on a true story. The background here was inspired by the new raid released yesterday, the Crucible of Storms: also the place this particular exchange happened to take place.

And look! A comic that finally features Crom in more ways than just a tail in the background! As Crom keeps changing his transmogrification (his armor appearance, to all of you non-WoW players), so he also changes how he appears in my comics. (Why must you make my life harder, Crom?)

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