Dinner Before Raid

A raid's healer offers his angry raid leader a feast for showing up late to raid. The raid leader, a Mag'har orc, asks if the healer, a tauren, if he was late because he was cooking the feast. The tauren doesn't deny it. A pile of the raid's dead bodies looms in the background.
Also based on a true story.

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Also based on a true story: one of our healers is chronically 15 minutes late to raid. Sometimes he is legitimately slow getting out of work, and other times…well, he likes to post his pictures of his gourmet home-cooked meals on our Discord, shall we say.

I’m not so sure about the composition of this one. There is a lot going on in this scene. Though I didn’t tag for them, the featured raid members in the heap of dead people are Jacob, Ravinia, Crom, Yotingo, and Sortiara with his Shine Club trinket (not necessarily in that order). Though many ask me about the dragon and the pony, these do not represent any boss, raid member or raid member’s mount. They are just a slain dragon and a pretty pony.

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